MakersHub is for Manufacturers

Meet MakersHub, an Accounts Payable solution designed for Manufacturers. Discover

AP automation for manufacturing.

  • iconCapture and itemize bills into your accounting system
  • iconAccurately track material costs by project or product lines
  • iconAuto-create new vendors, part numbers, and more

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Capture all bill data with a

single click

Remove the need for any manual bill data entry with MakersHub. Managing data entry from incoming bills is time-consuming and tedious work. Entering and coding items correctly is fundamental to accurate books.
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Automate item entries

Keeping track of all the items you purchase (and matching vendor codes to your codes) is a headache. MakersHub automates all of this. We create or update entries, and sync everything seamlessly to QuickBooks.
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See cash flow, COGS and profitability

Our business intelligence dashboards allow you to view your COGS and profitability by jobs or product line, and see cash flow in real time. We’re more than just

AP automation software for manufacturing.

Why you need a specialized AP solution

  • Item Data Entry

    MakersHub recognizes existing items & product codes, or creates a new record in your system. We link and track items you purchase across multiple vendors.

  • Vendor Data Entry

    MakersHub keeps your vendor list up to date, and auto-adds new vendors and their details for you. We link the vendor's details to your internal record, no more manual matching.

  • Auto-Mapping

    Configure mapping rules one time, and ensure everything is coded the right way forever. We’ll auto-create new items, and assign them correctly to the chart of accounts.

Manufacturing is in our DNA

MakersHub co-founder, Phong Ngo, knows a thing or two about managing the books at a manufacturing company. Previously as CEO of the industrial automation company General Plasma, Phong struggled to get the accuracy he needed in the accounting system. Too much time was spent entering data from bills, and it was hard to get an accurate picture of COGS or cash flow insights. This led Phong to create MakersHub, a solution for the problems manufacturing businesses face.

MakersHub Overview

Accounts Payable

Say goodbye to manual bill data entry with our bills inbox, Smart Data Reader, and Auto Mapping.

Business Intelligence

Gain deeper insights into COGS and profitability by job, and track vendor/item pricing changes over time.

Cash Flow Insights

Make the most of your QuickBooks data. We’ll show you cash flow forecasts and snapshots, without days of Excel sheet wrangling.