ProductCash Flow Dashboard

Do you have command
of your cash flow?

How will your cash flow look in 6 months’ time? MakersHub

consolidates data

across all Chart of Accounts to provide visibility to your historical and future cash flow.

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Cash flow management insights are crucial

Grow your revenue sustainably

Grow your revenue sustainably

Create an enduring business with healthy cash flow, all while eliminating manual report creation.

Understand your business drivers

Understand your business drivers

See more clearly what’s driving your cash flow cycle, COGS, and profitability.

Predict changes before they happen

Predict changes before they happen

Use cash flow forecasts to eliminate risk in your business. Get notified in real-time as changes occur.

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Stop spending days in excel sheets

Wish your existing tools were smarter? MakersHub is an intelligence layer for your accounting system. We seamlessly transform your existing data. You’ll no longer need to pull endless excel reports to gain financial understanding.
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Get actionable cash flow notifications

Get the information you need in a useable format: Simplified cash flow snapshots, cash flow forecasts, and change tracking notifications. Take action with MakersHub, utilize our extended terms and capture early-pay discounts.

MakersHub cash flow forecasting software

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Good data equals helpful dashboards

Get cash flow insights you can act on. MakersHub ensures you bring in the right data, coded in the right way. We add context and visualization, making it more useful than ever before.

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We help monitor changes over time

Set up notifications from MakersHub letting you know when cash flow reaches certain thresholds. Stay ahead of the curve, breathe easy, and keep your business healthy.

Cash Flow Features

  • Cash flow dashboard

    See your cash flow snapshot and forecast. Projections based on AP, AR, & cash balance.

  • Cash flow tracking

    Get notified when cash flow hits certain limits or thresholds - avoid any cash flow surprises.

  • Early pay suggestions

    Taking advantage of multiple early pay discounts adds up quickly over time.

  • Extended net terms

    Get suggestions about when to utilize our extended net terms to ease cash flow pressures.