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Complete Online Live Certification with CPE

*CPE credits are only awarded on live training.

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All Live Certifications are eligible for CPE Credits

The MakersHub University's AP Certification program offers a comprehensive platform for practitioners to learn the powerful features of MakersHub. This quick and cost-effective solution helps users become proficient with the product and establishes them as experts with their clients. The program provides both product training and tools, making you your client's financial superhero.

Set yourself apart

Your certification badge lets your clients
know you're an Accounts Payable

Grow your practice

Grow your practice by harnessing
efficiencies, streamlining processes &
offering superior financial services.

Human support

Comprehensive support at no extra cost,
offering unlimited access to phone, chat,
and email assistance.

Why get MakersHub Certified?

Attaining certification is crucial in delivering top-tier financial management services. It sets you apart in a competitive market and arms you with the necessary expertise to thrive in your profession.

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all live certification are eligible for CPE

Take your practice
to the next level

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MHU is a cutting-edge learning platform designed for accounting professionals seeking to enhance their skills and attain MakersHub certification.

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