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Spend less time processing payments

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MakersHub handles your core payment types:

ACH, check, and wire

Create a fully automated accounts payable schedule, or initiate on-demand payments.

You're in control.

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payment processing automation

Save hours of time by leveraging automation for your approved payment schedule. MakersHub knows who to pay, and the method. Fully automate or keep control of the final step.
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Bills paid on time,

every time

Even if you’re not ready to automate everything, MakersHub sends you notifications and suggestions. We help ensure bills are paid on time and early-pay discounts are captured.
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Extend the payment window

Already have 30-day net terms from a supplier but would like 60? MakersHub can extend net terms even further for our trusted customers. Improve cash flow with extended terms.
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Payment automation software

on your terms
Choose our bill data entry and/or payments

Choose our bill data entry and/or payments

Start with our bill data entry module - add payments when you’re ready.

Flexible automation, dial it up or down

Flexible automation, dial it up or down

Auto-process payments with us, or initiate the final payment steps.

All our payments are ‘fast’ payments

All our payments are ‘fast’ payments

Unlike other AP tools, payments from MakersHub are always sent immediately.

Notifications for early-pay discounts

Notifications for early-pay discounts

Get notified when there’s an early-pay discount to be taken advantage of.

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  • Payment Methods

    Complete payments multiple ways with MakersHub - ACH, check, wire.

  • Flexible Auto-Pay

    Let us auto-process payments for you, say goodbye to cutting checks.

  • Fast Payment Transfer

    Payments are processed immediately and cleared the next day.

  • Auto-Discount Capture

    Automatically saves you money when paying bills. Always pay in time to capture any discounts.

  • Extended Net Terms

    Already have 30 days from the supplier but would like 60? We can extend terms even further.

  • Accounting Sync

    Payments accurately sync to QuickBooks. No manual entry or double work.