MakersHub is for Industrial Contractors

Meet MakersHub, an Accounts Payable solution designed for industrial contractors and construction. We allow you to accurately track the costs allocated against each job, and gain visibility on job profitability.

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Gain project & jobs visibility

MakersHub shows you exactly how material costs and contractor hours are tracking. See which jobs are over on hours, or under. Discover accounts payable for construction companies, contractors, and jobs.

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Understand profitability with ease

We’ll show you exactly how profitable past jobs were, the true cost of the materials, and the hours. See how pricing changes impacted your bottom line and how input costs are trending.
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Improve project estimating

Create a feedback loop for your estimators, salespeople, or wider team. Set user permissions and access, and safely share profitability insights. Give the right info to the people who need it.
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Streamline customer billing

Are you relying on your project managers to know when to bill? MakersHub creates notifications for project billing as certain thresholds are met. Keep your cash flow healthy.

Why contractors need a specialized AP solution

  • Multiple people & jobs

    You have employees working on different jobs at any given time. We help you track both the hours and materials making up job costs.

  • Differing ordering methods

    Materials can be ordered from vendors in the office or in the field. We make it simple to code incoming bills to the right place (without a wild goose chase).

  • Reliable estimate creation

    Easily leverage your historical data to increase accuracy when bidding for future work.

MakersHub Overview

Bills Automation

Accurately allocate incoming bills (items and expenses) to the right jobs and accounting classes.

Operations Dashboard

See how projects & jobs are tracking. Understand profitability at the job level with ease.

Timesheet Tracker

Ask to see a demo of our integrated Timesheet Tracker, designed for businesses with multiple contractors.