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Sound Numbers


AP Management
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Sound Numbers


AP Management
with MakersHub

"MakersHub has become an essential tool for our office, increasing ourconfidence and efficiency in delivering value to our clients."
Mary Smull - Sound Numbers, LLC


Sound Numbers, LLC, led by Chris Powell and Mary Smull, is a great example of transformation and resilience. From their roots in the punk rock scene, they have evolved into trusted financial experts, offering comprehensive financial management services to local restaurants in the Philadelphia area. Faced with significant AP challenges, Chris and Mary turned to MakersHub to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. The decision has further propelled their success.

Their Punk Rock Beginnings: Chris and Mary’s story begins in the punk rock scene. Mary was an adjunct professor at an art college, and Chris was a touring musician. They lived the punk rock lifestyle, which involved creativity, adaptability, and a DIY attitude. This background proved invaluable in their approach to business and problem-solving.

When their son was born ten years ago, the couple made a life-changing decision. They chose to leave the hectic life of touring musicians and dedicate themselves to a new business venture. Mary, who had always done bookkeeping on the side, and Chris, who had experience in sound design, decided to focus on financial management for local restaurants. Their goal was to offer more than bookkeeping services; they aimed to provide full financial management, including cash flow oversight and AP processing.

And so, Sound Numbers, LLC was born.

The Roadblocks: Sound Numbers, like any business, had its share of challenges before discovering MakersHub:

1. High Volume of AP Documents: Restaurants generate a massive number of AP documents, from invoices to receipts. These documents come from various sources, making managing and processing them difficult. General managers and chefs often have to manually send these documents, leading to inconsistencies and errors.

2. Manual Processes: The reliance on manual data entry and processing is time-consuming and error-prone. This includes manually entering data into QuickBooks and managing payments through different banking portals.

3. Unforeseen Security Threats: The COVID brought a new set of security challenges. The use of paper checks, a common practice, became a huge risk, with instances of bank fraud and mail fraud. Chris and Mary were not immune, facing multiple cases of stolen and altered checks. This alarming situation prompted them to seek a more secure and efficient solution. Discovering MakersHub resolved their security concerns and significantly improved efficiency.

The confidence that MakersHub brought to our operations is unparalleled. We no longer worry about errors or missed payments that peace of mind is invaluable.

Mary Smull

Sound Numbers, LLC

The Decision to Use MakersHub: Chris and Mary discovered MakersHub through a YouTube video by Jason Staats, a respected figure in the accounting community. After researching and comparing various solutions, they were compelled by MakersHub for several reasons.

MakersHub offered robust automation, significantly reducing the manual data entry that had been a major time sink. Its seamless integration with QuickBooks ensured all their financial data would be synchronized effortlessly.

The platform's advanced payment features and enhanced security measures were crucial. Given their security issues with paper checks, MakersHub’s ability to handle electronic payments securely was a game-changer. The platform offers robust security protocols for ACH and check payments, mitigating the risks associated with mail & bank fraud and check tampering.

MakersHub's comprehensive approach included automating the capture and processing of AP documents, specifically extracting line-item details from bills. This is particularly beneficial for the restaurant industry, where managing food costs is crucial. Food costs are one of this industry's largest and most controllable expenses. By automating the extraction of line-item details, MakersHub allowed Chris and Mary to gain precise insights into their clients' food expenses, helping them manage costs more effectively and maintain profitability. This tailored solution provided a streamlined and efficient approach, making MakersHub the ideal choice for Sound Numbers, LLC.

Even if MakersHub did nothing but allow us to bring the bill information into a centralized portal, it would be worth it. The ability to send quick payments and remittance emails has been a game-changer for us. It's like having an extra employee in the office.

Chris Powell

Sound Numbers, LLC

Implementation and Support: The implementation process was smooth, thanks to the dedicated support from the MakersHub team. Chris particularly appreciates the hands-on assistance he received not only during the initial implementation, but on an on-going basis as a happy customer.

“The MakersHub team goes above and beyond to ensure we are comfortable with the system. Their support made the transition seamless and gives us confidence in the product,” said Chris.

Setting up the ACH and payment processes required an initial effort, but MakersHub's intuitive design made it manageable. The "integration mapping" feature is particularly helpful for Sound Numbers, LLC. This feature allows Chris and Mary to set specific rules and mappings for their invoices, so each line item is automatically categorized according to their predefined criteria. For example, the system could automatically categorize purchases under "Dairy," "Meat," "Seafood," or "Dry Goods," based upon either the vendor or the description of what was purchased. This ensures not just that every expense is accurately tracked and coded, but saves tremendous time and enhances accuracy in their financial records. Automating these processes provides a streamlined and efficient approach, making MakersHub the ideal choice for Sound Numbers, LLC

The hands-on support from Phong and the MakersHub team has been exceptional. Their guidance made the transition smooth and stress-free.

Chris Powell

Sound Numbers, LLC

Key Features and Benefits:

1.Automated Document Capture: MakersHub OCR and AI technologies allow Chris and Mary to automate the capture and processing of AP documents. This reduces the time spent on manual data entry and improves accuracy.

2. QuickBooks Integration: The seamless integration with QuickBooks ensures all financial data is synchronized, reducing discrepancies and improving overall financial management.

3. Time Savings: Chris and Mary save significant time by automating many manual processes. Tasks that previously took hours can now be completed in minutes.

4. Improved Accuracy: MakersHub automation and integration features improve the accuracy of financial data. The system’s ability to handle high volumes of documents and automate data entry reduces errors and ensures consistency.

5. Enhanced Security: Switching to payments through MakersHub provided Chris and Mary with much-needed security improvements. MakersHub Pay offers both check and ACH payment options, ensuring transactions are secure and minimizing the risk of fraud. The robust security protocols of MakersHub protect against the vulnerabilities associated with paper checks, such as check tampering via Positive Pay. This enhanced security gives Chris and Mary peace of mind and protects their clients from potential fraud, making the financial process much more reliable and secure.

Results: The implementation of MakersHub brought several tangible benefits to Sound Numbers:

1. Significant Time Savings and Improved Efficiency: Tasks that once took hours now take minutes, allowing Chris and Mary to focus on strategic business aspects. Automation reduces manual data entry, streamlining the AP process and enabling them to serve more clients without compromising quality.

2. Cost Savings: Automating manual processes allowed Chris and Mary to replace a basic admin position with skilled talent. This new hire can now focus on higher-value tasks, such as financial analysis and client management, rather than routine data entry.

3. Increased Confidence: MakersHub's accuracy and reliability give Chris and Mary confidence in their financial management processes. They no longer worry about errors or missed payments.

The automation of manual processes allowed us to hire a more skilled employee who could focus on higher-value tasks rather than routine data entry.

Mary Smull

Sound Numbers, LLC

Future Plans: Chris and Mary are excited about the future with MakersHub. They look forward to utilizing upcoming features such as purchase order two-way matching and enhanced reporting, further streamlining their processes and adding value to their clients.From their beginnings in the punk rock scene to becoming financial management experts, Chris and Mary’s journey is a testament to their adaptability and dedication. MakersHub has played a crucial role in helping them overcome AP challenges, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional value to their clients.By automating manual processes, enhancing accuracy, and providing outstanding support, MakersHub has become an indispensable tool for Sound Numbers, LLC. Chris and Mary are confident in their financial management processes and look forward to leveraging new features to continue growing their business and supporting their clients.

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