The Guide to Cost-Plus Billing & Invoicing for Contractors
Outsourcing Accounts Payable – Pros, Cons, and Alternatives
How to Recognize if Accounts Payable Process Automation Is Right for You
How to Get Accurate Invoice Data Capture – and Why Should You Automate it
Is There Invoice Scanning Software for QuickBooks?

Read our comprehensive guide to cost-plus billing & invoicing. Create invoices from billable items in seconds. Learn everything you need to know about invoicing as a contractor.

This article discusses the benefits and potential risks of outsourcing accounts payable for businesses so companies can decide it’s right for them.

If your accounts payable department relies on manual data entry, you set yourself up for inaccurate and incomplete financial data. It will take you ages to map job costing reports and cash flow projections.

Invoice data capture used to be the manual process of inputting data from bills into an accounting system. But new AI-powered tech is changing (and automating) that process.

Is there invoice scanning software for QuickBooks? Yes, you don’t have to settle for simple OCR these days.

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