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hours of time

Meet MakersHub, an Accounts Payable solution that saves bookkeepers & accounting professionals hours of time every week.

  • iconReduce the time spent on Accounts Payable tasks by over 75%
  • iconEliminate manual bill data entry and automate QuickBooks coding & reconciling
  • iconDiscover payments flexibility that removes unnecessary reconciliation headaches
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Eliminate manual bill data entry

MakersHub captures up to 39 data fields from incoming bills that can be synced to QuickBooks (online or Desktop). Say goodbye to entering line items one by one. Capture all details from complex bills with a single click.
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Automate the creation of new vendors, items, and jobs

MakersHub recognizes when no match is found in QuickBooks and lets you create a new vendor, item, and even job/customer with a single click. Automate creation and assignments, save hours of time, and maintain accurate books with ease.
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Set auto-mapping rules to assign items & expenses

Ensure items and expenses are coded to the right category, chart of account, or class every single time. Create flexible rules based on supplier, item number, or item description. We automate accurate coding for you.
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Flexible approval flows for verified payables

Easily assign bills to the right person for approval. MakersHub lets you design single or multi-person approval flows based on dollar thresholds, suppliers, and more. These approval chains are traceable in both MakersHub & QuickBooks.

Why payments are better with MakersHub

We pay your vendors within 24 hours

We pay your vendors within 24 hours

MakersHub doesn't hold your payment ‘hostage’. We get vendors paid the very next day with our fast payment transfers.

Reconcile payments to bank statements with ease

Reconcile payments to bank statements with ease

With MakersHub, your payment records will match your bank statements perfectly every time. Discover our bill-to-payment flexibility.

Create payment records in seconds for paid bills

Create payment records in seconds for paid bills

If payment has already been completed, mark a bill as ‘PAID’ in MakersHub. This auto-creates the payment record for you in QuickBooks.

Business reporting without hours in excel

Visualize progress for every job

Visualize progress for every job

MakersHub provides a real-time overview of how your clients' jobs/customers or projects are tracking. Visualize progress and profitability without hours of data manipulation.

Cash flow dashboard & notifications

Cash flow dashboard & notifications

See your cash flow snapshot and forecast. Projections are based on accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash balance. Get notified when cash flow hits certain limits or thresholds.

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Rely on our QuickBooks integration

Direct and fast 2-way integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Integration isn’t an afterthought at MakersHub. We place our connectivity with QuickBooks at the core of our product development. Our promise is that we sync more data, in more useful ways than any other accounts payable tool.
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Partner with MakersHub

Many businesses rely on consultants to help with their accounting, set up their financial tools, and perform ongoing bookkeeping. QuickBooks Pro Advisors, bookkeepers, and financial consultants have deep expertise. You’re a trusted advisor to many business owners. Our aim is to support and enhance your relationships, working with both you and your clients.

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MakersHub Overview

Save yourself hours of time on basic AP tasks

MakersHub eliminates the need for any manual entry of bills or bill line items. We auto-create bill and payment records for you in QuickBooks.

Improve AP approvals & workflows

Gain flexible approval flows and ensure items and expenses are coded to the right place in the accounting system, every time.

Gain better visibility of business drivers

View customer and job progress  without hours of creating reports and tweaking excel sheets. Insights to inform smart business decisions.