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What you can earn by referring MakersHub

Who you referTypeWhat you earn
Any businessAny referred client joins demo call
Business with net revenue less than $2MBecomes a MakersHub customer
Business with net revenue higher than $2M Becomes a MakersHub customer

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Our Referral Partnerships vision

Confidence in MakersHub

Confidence in MakersHub

Many businesses rely on consultants to help with their accounting, set up their financial tools, and perform ongoing bookkeeping in many cases. QuickBooks Pro Advisors, bookkeepers, and financial consultants have deep expertise. It’s important to us that you gain full confidence in MakersHub before referring your clients or contacts.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

MakersHub values the feedback and input we get from Referral Partners. We’re constantly looking to improve our product and features to make life easier for the people using our solutions. We encourage feedback regarding our product, and we want to hear your ideas and thoughts regarding improvements or changes.

Our product vision

Direct integration with QuickBooks you can rely on

Direct integration with QuickBooks you can rely on

MakersHub places our integration with QuickBooks at the core of our product development - we sync more data, in more useful ways, than any other accounts payable tool.

Eliminate manual data entry, save hours of time weekly

Eliminate manual data entry, save hours of time weekly

MakersHub delivers a 100% bill data capture solution, meaning no double entry. All line item details can be synced to QuickBooks. We pair this with single-click creation of new vendors, jobs/customers, and items in QuickBooks.

Accessible business insights from existing accounting data

Accessible business insights from existing accounting data

MakersHub provides meaningful business insights from the data that’s already in QuickBooks. We provide dashboards for cash flow projection, cash flow regulation, and tracking job progress and profitability.

Improving existing workflows with true flexibility

Improving existing workflows with true flexibility

MakersHub allows you to complete AP tasks how you’ve always done them, just much faster. We’ve built flexibility into our features as a core principle. Utilize our automation only when and where it suits you. You’re in control.